Web Based

UNI-TRACS can be accessed using any web browser.

CRM Integration

UNI-TRACS seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Project and Dynamics CRM

Full Potential

UNI-TRACS allows you to leverage the full potential of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Client Requirements

Unibenco reviews your requirements and processes leading to successful implementations


UNI-TRACS lets you to easily record all the customer related activities to maximize billable time and revenue

UNI-TRACS gives you better control of the work completed providing valuable information on the key areas where your company can reduce costs

UNI-TRACS effectively records billable time and the time servicing clients to maximize your company's profit. Maximize your company revenue potential and reduce operating costs.


UNI-TRACS was designed keeping in mind that users need software that is easy to use. However, the integration with MS Dynamics CRM and with MS project, makes UNI-TRACS a very powerful tool to manage activity time tracking and payroll time.

Carlos IsazaCEO, Director

The highest cost in our company was not knowing how our employees were effectively using their time. UNI-TRACS gave us the tools that we needed to make sure that our employees' time is dedicated to high priority tasks.

Ana Maria HernandezCFO, Administrative Manager

Our biggest problem was the number of billable hours that were being lost because our tracking system did not provide an effective tracking solution. The integration with MS Dynamics CRM also allowed us to check potential conflicts of interests between customers. UNI-TRACS is a great solution that pays by itself.

Mauricio RojasLead, Analyst